Interpretations of the Russian Subway Bombing from NYT and CNN

A bombing occurred on the Russian subway system in the morning of Tuesday April 3 by an unidentified perpetrator. Most major news sources covered this story this morning and continue to make updates to their stories as more information is released.

I read two articles on this topic, one from The New York Times and another from CNN. NYT’s youngish target audience lets the consumer expect a difference in coverage from CNN’s oldish target audience.

I found both articles online before I read them with the intent of comparison. Beginning with the NYT article, written by Neil MacFarquhar and Ivan Nechepurenko, I instantly noticed a difference in the headline choices from these authors compared to the authors of the CNN article; Tim Lister, Emma Burrows, and Angela Dewan.

MacFarquhar and Nechepurenko (or their overlooking editors) chose to include President Vladimir Putin’s visit to St. Petersburg as a potential rationale for the bombing in the headline, ‘Metro Explosion Kills 10 as Putin Visits City.” Lister, Burrows, Dewan, and their editors left this piece of information out of the headline (“St. Petersburg metro explosion: At least 10 dead in Russia blast”) and lede.

It is possible that because of NYT’s left-slant and President Trump’s collaborations with Russia’s leader, this noticeable inclusion of his name is to negatively represent him in some way. CNN’s article hardly mentions Putin’s potentiality as a target; it strictly says he was close by when the attack occurred, gave his condolences to the lost, and promised to find the perpetrators and help the affected families. Here, he is seen mostly in a positive light.

I am hardly a reliable source when it comes to the Trump and Putin camaraderie, but it is interesting how he can be a somewhat negative entity in one article and the opposite in another.


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