Coverage of the introduced ‘College for All’ Act

A few days ago, I saw many left-leaning magazines and newspapers posting stories on Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s proposed plan for the much debated tuition-free college. Sanders made the case for free college as one of his main campaign choices during his run for the Democratic nomination last year.

I first read the article entitled “Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren introduce ‘College for All’ plan” by Nidia Cavazos from the Daily Dot. More than others on the topic, this article talked about Trump’s resistance for federal aid to students for education. The article even makes the point that “it would be difficult” to have Sanders’ and Warren’s act passed under Trump Administration.

The next two articles I read on the topic solely mentioned Sanders name in the hed, with Warren mentioned later in the story. The articles are entitled “Bernie Sanders just introduced his free college tuition plan” by George Zornick from the Nation and “Bernie Sanders still wants tuition-free college” by Katie Lobosco from CNN.

Both are more liberal sources (I had trouble finding an obviously right-winged hard news story for this topic), and it is clear to see the authors understand their audience. The former’s inclusion of “his” in the title seems to suggest the audience will have already known of his prior plans for free college. The latter’s inclusion of “still” has the same effect.

Without prior knowledge of Sanders’ involvement in tuition free college, the reader may feel confused or even left out in the case of these last two articles.


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