The Lack of Representation of Shonda Rhimes in Breitbart and The Blaze

Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential candidate and Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, have been awarded titles from Planned Parenthood in their politics on women’s health. Clinton claimed the ‘Champion of the Century’ award while Rhimes received the ‘Champion of Change’ award. The articles I found online solely mentioned Clinton’s award in the hede and lede, and Rhimes’ award was not mentioned until halfway through the story.

The first article I found was on The Blaze that focused on Clinton’s involvement with the organization. Most of the story focused on PP’s admiration for Clinton and details why she received this award. Rhimes is given exactly one sentence that explains her recent involvement with the organization’s national board and her award. Clinton’s name may attract more clicks than lesser-known to the masses, Shonda Rhimes. Maybe this is related to the lack of representation of women of color in mass media?

I read another article detailing the same award ceremony from Breitbart. This source is similar to The Blaze as it is widely known as a conservative source. This article focuses much more on Rhimes’ involvement with PP and women’s health on television. Rhimes’ receives about three short paragraphs in the entire article, compared to previous article in which she received one sentence. She still receives no recognition in the lede or hede.

Solely based on these articles, it is easy to see the lack of representation of women of color in the media, especially in right-winged media sources.


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