The White House’s Lackluster Easter Egg Roll from The New York Times and Salon

This year, the annual Easter Egg Roll celebration at the White House experiences significant delays in organization, possibly due to the Trumps’ lack of involvement. Less eggs were ordered, regulars of the event were invited late, and less notable character’s from children’s shows like Sesame Street will be in attendance.

An article from The New York Times entirely blames the Trump family’s unorganized nature as to why the event has experienced delays. Specifically, the article mentions Melania Trump’s living situation as a possible cause. She lives in New York and spends little time in the White House. The article further explains the difficulty planning the event and claims it is the largest and most publicized event at the White House. The article uses a somewhat condemning tone to frame the Trump’s as uncaring for the tradition, as the event has gone on for 138 years, and disorganized in general.

Another article from Salon gives a similar view of the matter. The hede literally claims that “Donald Trump’s White House can’t even” get themselves together enough to organize the event. This article puts the Trump family completely at fault for the slow organization of the event, as it specifically mentions their late start on the event more than other organizers. With recent headlines claiming Trump’s trips to his golf courses, many Americans wonder what the President has done for the country besides put it into possible wartime with his recent authorization on bombings in Syria. The hede of the Salon article may play off of that, since it seems the White House has been mostly disorganized since the Inauguration according to these articles. It is possible the Trump family feels they have more to worry about than the annual event of the Easter Egg Roll.


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