‘Dreamer’ deported under Trump

Juan Manuel Montes, 23, was deported to Mexicali, Mexico on February 17 though his status with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) should have protected him from this. Montes is the first of the “dreamers,” as the immigrants who came to the United States as children are called, to be deported.

One article from the Washington Post describes the incident in a way that takes the side of Montes. The author claims he “accidentally left his wallet in a friend’s car” so he was unable to provide identification when border Patrol approached him.

Another article from The Libertarian Republic does not take this approach. The same incident is described more objectively, saying that Montes “claims he had left his wallet in a friend’s car.” Instead of acknowledging from the beginning that the absence of his wallet was an accident, it can be up to the reader as to whether or not it was a true accident.



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