On the potential government shutdown, Donald Trump, and ‘The Wall’

The government has been rumored to shut down for about a month now. An article from The New York Times called this on March 28 of this year, claiming Donald Trump requires federal cuts to many bipartisan programs in order to compensate for the proposed wall on the southern border between the United States and Mexico. The article makes clear that both sides are not particularly in favor of Trump’s demands. Representatives from both sides are quoted by claiming his proposal to tax cuts is unlikely to happen in this fiscal year. As well, his proposed border wall is put on blast in this article, as the author makes it clear that it is not favored by many Americans.

More articles began to come out on this subject in this past week as the potentiality of a shutdown becomes more tangible. According to an article from Reuters, Trump now claims that the government will shutdown on Saturday if Democrats do not agree to assist in funding the border wall. The article plainly puts it that Saturday will be Trump’s 100th day in office, as his first 100 days have  been under scrutiny as of recently. The shutdown will ultimately cut funds to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, that helps “low-income people buy health insurance.”

The Washington Post commented on the potential shutdown as well. This article highlights the pressure Trump has put on Republican representatives to demand funding for the wall. Later, the article dives into why there is such a push on the wall as of this moment instead of devising a more concrete plan. It potentially is being pushed because of Trump’s close 100th day in office.



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