Conspiracy lingers after Trump fires Comey

There has been much controversy over President Donald Trump’s decision and reasonings to fire James Comey, FBI director. Trump deemed Comey unfit for the position after his public handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Corey’s release comes just around the time that Comey and the FBI began investigating Russia’s involvement in manipulating the recent U.S. election that put Trump into the White House.

The New York Times‘ online front page has been dedicated to the Trump and Comey debacle for some few days, but today this new information was front and center of the website. Their article uses information given by congressional officials, unnamed, that claim he requested more money for his Russia investigation. This potentially puts Trump in a poor spot if he did truly work with Russia to fix the election, so Comey was fired, as NYT speculates.

The timing of the firing and the investigation is “certain to fuel bipartisan criticism that President Trump appeared to be meddling into an investigation that had to potential to damage his presidency,” according to the article.

On the right spectrum, Breitbart commented on this situation as well. In their article, the use of quotes from the Democratic Party on the situation is apparent. “Firing Comey is up there in terms of the scariest things Trump has done” said former Obama White House Communications Director Jen Paski on Twitter, whose tweet was quoted in the article. Breitbart seems to take a similar side as The New York Times, as in the situation’s apparent relation to Trump’s hidden, Russian allies. Breitbart comments more on how Comey’s actions while dealing with Clinton’s investigation were poor, but they do not shy away from the conspiracy on the underlying reasonings for Trump’s decision to fire him.


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