On the Representation of Ariana Grande in the Manchester incident

Front pages of most news outlets today and Monday displayed the terrorist attack in Manchester, England on Monday night. A suicide bomber, identified as Salman Abedi, killed 22 people, including some young children. The incident took place after a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande when fans were leaving the venue.

Flowers and messages are left for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack in central ManchesterReuters published an article on Tuesday entitled “Ariana Grande returns to U.S. following Manchester bombing.” While there is nothing wrong with this article, as Reuters posted other articles detailing the incident, it hits me in a strange spot. The photo posted with the story displays Grande in her performance of Hairspray Live! which hardly has anything to do with the bombing other than Grande herself.

While it is news to see the artist of the effected venue return to the States and postpone her future shows, the ending of the article is what struck me. The author details the star’s career by stating her Broadway and television performances and her most notable songs. Hardly mentioned was the effect of the bombing on Grande which can be related to her lack of response on the incident. From the article, Grande seems very displaced from herself because of the situation, as she is described as “downcast” and “broken.”

Another news outlet displayed the saddening attack in the same superficial way. An article about Miley Cyrus’ tribute to Grande and the victims was published by The Daily Mail. Cyrus performed her song ‘Malibu’ on The Voice that she dedicated to the victims, specifically Grande. My major problem is Cyrus’ immediate concern for Grande and fleeting concern for the victims and their families. According to the article, she said she would like to “dedicate this song to [her] good friend Ariana Grande and everyone who experienced that horrific attack yesterday.” 40BD1B9200000578-0-Thoughts_OnTuesday_night_Miley_Cyrus_dedicated_her_performance_o-m-25_1495638999502

The most likely reason that Grande’s concert was targeted is because it was applicable in the bomber’s situation. News outlets should bring a greater concern to the victims and their families rather than bringing attention to the “clickbait” of the story: the celebrities.



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